VestaPay Superior Technology & Professional Services

 • Experienced hospital billing consultants

 • Process review and improvement analytics combined with direct support

 • Group and one-on-one training ensures all staff achieve proficiency

 • Online video training tools help reinforce training

 • Detailed reports guide management through program adoption


 Secure Integration and Payment Operations:

 • SOC-1/PCI certification

 • Robust intrusion protection coverage

 • Secure EMV enabled card swipes

Our robotic system interface allows us to update information about payment status directly into your billing system, reducing the need for bouncing back and forth. We avoid duplicate data entry between multiple systems, because we run with parallel patient accounting and communications, constantly updated and synchronized with your billing system.


Additional benefits

No other solution or RCM can achieve what VestaCare does:

• Prevents patient revenue losses

• Secures patient total commitment prior to service

• One-step set up takes 2-3 minutes per patient without further action

• Flexible payment choices offer solutions for every patient need

• Drives patient loyalty and ensures a strong, positive patient experience

• Eliminates the risk of relying on patient follow-through


Securing patient payment transforms your hospital’s financials:

 • Dramatically, rapidly improves revenues and cash flow

 • Secure patient receivables and transform them into bankable assets

 • Provide predictable future cash flow where there is no such capability today

 • Secure new patient revenue returns most hospitals to solid profitability



Learn how you can make your hospital more profitable. Call VestaCare today at 858.454.7800. 

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  • 7825 Fay Avenue, Suite 200
    La Jolla, CA 92037
  • Call: 858.454.7800 | Fax: 858.454.8680

VestaCare is devoted to helping hospitals and other medical care providers secure a higher percentage of their patient-responsible revenues, while ensuring patients are treated with compassion and respect. The company is located at 7825 Fay Avenue, Suite 200 in La Jolla, CA 92037. Call: 858.454.7800 or fax: 858.454.8680.

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