Securing Patient revenue - A Financial Lifeline for Hospitals

A tenfold increase in patient-responsible revenue is killing hospitals

Many have already shut down and many more will in the near future as they face millions in unsecured patient revenues., which continue mounting as patients take on higher health insurance premiums and higher deductibles. in 2005, patient-responsible revenue was just 3% of the total. in 2017, it’s 30%! Current revenue cycle management (RCM) solutions and collection e orts have proven ineffective, as most hospitals collect just 10%-15% of what patients owe. this leads to huge financial losses, lack of investment funds, lower patient outcomes and reduced patient satisfaction.



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Unlike other solutions that only collect co-pays or a portion of patient deductibles, leaving the bulk of the patient’s residual obligations (e.g., co-insurance) left unsecured, VestaCare’s unique system enrolls and secures patients upfront, before service, for all of their charge obligations. your hospital’s revenues should increase by 10%-15% in the next 90 days, 25%-35% in the next 90 days and 40%-60% in the next 12 months. actual performance may vary by each hospital’s demographics, but VestaCare results will be substantially greater than all alternative approaches, including typical RCM solutions

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Patient revenue secured for a 110-bed hospital.


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VestaCare is devoted to helping hospitals and other medical care providers secure a higher percentage of their patient-responsible revenues, while ensuring patients are treated with compassion and respect. The company is located at 7825 Fay Avenue, Suite 200 in La Jolla, CA 92037. Call: 858.454.7800 or fax: 858.454.8680.

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